rockwell axles

Shaved Rockwell Axle Housing

Rockwells are cheap, and most often easy to get. Other than the weight and large housing the other most common complaint is ground clearance. Luckily for you rockwell axle housings are super easy to shave and gain clearance under the axle.

This is a rear rockwell axle with a "mohawk" style shave.
Directly under the differential the entire bottom was cut-off and a mohawk was welded on. That means the sides have more clearance than middle but overall clearance including the middle is greater than an OEM Rockwell Housing.

rockwell mohawk shave axle

Using a torch to shave a rockwell axle housing.

rockwell shave how to

This method is simple and will gain clearance but not as much as a mohawk rockwell shave.

cutting rockwell axle housing

Fixing up the bottom to be re-welded.

welding rockwell axle

Shaved rockwell housing all done!

shaved rockwell axle housing


* All information is regarding the 2.5 Ton Rockwell Axle. Rockwell does make 5 Ton and larger / different axles too.